ios app development

Aspect to keep in mind before developing an app

In this post, which promises to be a bit of self-help, we will analyze the key points when asking for an estimate to develop an app. As you can imagine, and luckily, many budget requests arrive to us and there are questions and patterns that repeat themselves.

The first thing we must ask ourselves is whether we should develop an app. We have already commented that not all businesses should have their own app , so this is, without a doubt, the first question to ask. But since today we want to talk about this issue, we are going to assume that yes, that our app will bring added value to users, and therefore we do need a native mobile application.

ios app development

Before launching to ask for a budget there are several points

Analysis of the competition :

The  app designers   first thing is that you have analyzed the competition a bit. Without being proud, when we see that someone does not know that there is competition from us app, it gives very bad image of your project. The first thing is to dig deep into Google Play and the App Store what your competition is doing. If you do not outsource app developers   know your product well, nobody will do it and you will start to have problems.

Platforms :

  • Which platforms do you want to go to? Currently we only take care of iOS and Android, since the other platforms have fallen completely into disuse. There are 2 points here to take into account:
  • Do you want to go out on the 2 platforms simultaneously? The ideal is to go first in one, to be able to measure results and in the second platform to exit and correcting the product based on the feedback collected in the other platform. But this depends on the type of users you want.
  • Do you need a different version for smart phones and tablets? This is only practical when the way you use your app is very different from tablet than from the phone. For example, an app that can be used as a next monitor when you’re at home (tablet) compare to incredible lighter for when you’re away from home (smart phone). But come on, every time you see fewer differences, and above all, at the beginning the development of a universal app will be cheaper.
  • You will have time to develop a different app for tablets if in your metrics you see that the user behaves differently. As always, we recommend acting on the basis of metrics, that is, once you already have real user data, and not spend money on developments by simple intuition that often are not met in reality.