buying used cars

Facts while buying used cars

There are more than just inspection and purchase involved while buying used cars. These points are very crucial or else you may end up buying a car with faulty mechanisms. There are some points which very few people will tell you regarding buying used cars.Here is a list of some of those points. Keep a note of the following points as they can save you from unwanted troubles. Also, you can have a look at mike’s auto sales in Salinas if you are interested in buying used cars.

No standardization for purchase inspections

The main reason behind buyers ending up with faulty used cars is that they do not have the correct information about the condition of the components of the car. In order to know the condition of the car, the car must be driven for a couple of days. Most of the sellers falsely claim that their car is in good condition as they have conducted the pre-purchase inspection (PPI) even when they have not performed any such inspections. There are no standards for a pre-purchase inspection and thus the car sellers make use of this fact. It is important to know that not all technician can perform the pre-purchase inspections.

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Verbal statements are not enforceable in court

Before the purchase, the used car seller makes a lot of promises about the car and claim a lot of positive things about the car. You may fall in this trap only to realize that the seller has handed you a damaged product. But unfortunately, there is nothing that you can do about it as you cannot even file a complaint about the seller since verbal statements are not enforceable in the court of law. So, before you purchase a car, make sure that you get the car thoroughly checked and if you doubt any of the claims of the seller, tell them to provide you a signed document about it.

Vehicle History Reports

Every car has a history report. This is the report on which you get all the details about the number of times the car has been taken to the service center, the number of accidents it has been involved in. Since it contains most of the important information, many car sellers avoid showing the history report of the car. Anyways, you should perform a PPI on the car as some of the faults might not be listed in the history report as well.


Knowing these points will not only protect you from troubles but also help you to get a better deal for used cars.